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My name is Derick, but I go by pseudonym of the “Peregrinating Monk.” A Japanese man I met in Furano, Hokkaido told me I looked like a wise monk once. I rather liked the comparison and since I travel all over Japan with no real clear goal except to experience the country, I dubbed myself “The Peregrinating Monk.”

Since about 2011, I have been travelling extensively through Japan. Prior to that I had lived in Sapporo for 6 years in the 1990s teaching English. Prior to that I had been an exchange student, also in Sapporo, for 6 months in 1989.

This is not a travel guide per say, but you may find it useful when trying to plan your trip to Japan. This is really about anything that takes my fancy. I am not an expert traveller, but I have travelled a lot. I am not a historian, but I have read a lot about Japanese history. I am not an expert in any traditional crafts or cultural practices, but I have been around enough to have basic familiarity with many facets of Japanese culture.

This page is dedicated to discovery and the humor that comes along with. Sometimes I learn more about myself than Japan.

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Introduction of the Monk

So who is this guy? And why should I read this blog? Click here for my origin story. If that doesn’t interest you, here are some various photos of yours truly meeting new friends…


I am a photography enthusiast. I find Japan to be very picturesque and easy to photograph. If you want to see my photography, you can follow me on Instagram. it is my personal account so not all the photos are of Japan.

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I used to shoot a lot of videos of my trips, but not so much anymore. It was time consuming to put them together. however, you can check out my videos here.

Here are some of my videos so you can see if it is worthwhile to check out my Youtube channel…


I also have a Facebook page with the same title.